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  • What's an NFT?
    'NFT' stands for Non Fungible Token; in short it is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a blockchain (like Ethereum), that acts as a proof of ownership (among other things). An NFT can be art, documents, even music and short videos! Minting my art as NFTs ensures that each piece is a one off, genuine creation that can be tracked on the blockchain. In my world I can sit on my NFT sofa and watch my NFTV :)
  • Do I gain any perks from buying?
    Yes! Firstly you own all of the rights to your NFT, from both Metaversally Speaking and the Deep Web Deck Crew, for as long as you hold your NFT. When purchasing a piece from Metaversally Speaking you'll have the option to receive a 7999x7999, super high resolution file of your artwork, perfect for printing onto a canvas or whatever else you can think of! (Please note: this is not an NFT. The file is a .jpg will be provided by email or an alternative file sharing method of your choice.) When 44 pieces of my genesis collection have sold I will launch Project Freebie, an exclusive giveaway, just for the owners. Owners of my genesis collection will also be automatically Whitelisted for every future collection I ever do.
  • Which marketplaces/blockchains can I buy from?
    My genesis collection is available on Polygon on OpenSea. Polygon is a clean, almost gas free blockchain. Please visit my Discord for help with wallets and bridging ETH to WETH! My second collection, Deep Web Deck Crew, will be split into 2 and available both on Polygon on OpenSea, and on Tezos on Objkt. Are you in Team Tezos or the Polygon Gang? Future collections may be on Ethereum!
  • What charity will you donate a percentage of the proceeds to?
    That will be decided by the Cyborgelle community on Discord and Twitter. Come and say hey! Proof of donation will be provided, and 5% of all future commissions will also be donated.
  • But I have more questions!
    I'm happy to answer any questions I can, please contact me on or via Discord or Twitter and I'll be happy to help!
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